Liquid Fertilizer – 130° Spray Tip (FD08)


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This spray tip replaces the TeeJet model SJ7, SJ3, and QCTF Series and Hypro WF 140 and DTC Series spray nozzles.

Spray angle @ 40 psi,Gallons/minute @ 40 psi




• One-Piece nozzle and cap fits most standard nozzle bodies
• Very Low Drift potential
• Coarse Droplets minimize crop damage and streaking
• Best Performance Range 20-60 psi

Range of Application:
Ideal for Liquid Fertilizer application, turfgrass, irrigation systems

• Spray pressure measured at the nozzle tip.
• The stated gallons per acre rates apply to water.
• Check your nozzle flow rates prior to each spray season.
• Make sure that all nozzles have the same designed flow rate.