Hollow Cone – 80° Spray Tip w/Insert (TR80025C)


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This spray tip replaces the TeeJet model TX, TXA, TXB and TG Series and Hypro HCX, ATR, and HCA Series spray nozzles.

Flow rate in gpm per nozzle



• Hollow cone spray nozzle with ceramic insert
• Removable insert for cleaning
• Medium Drift potential
• Medium to fine Droplets
• Best Performance Range 40-120 psi for row crops; 40-290 psi for orchard/vineyard & grove crops
• Very good wear and chemical resistance
• Good Crop penetration

Range of Application:
Excellent for contact Fungicides, Insecticides, and  Plant Growth Regulators where surface coverage is critical

• Spray pressure measured at the nozzle tip.
• The stated gallons per acre rates apply to water.
• Check your nozzle flow rates prior to each spray season.
• Make sure that all nozzles have the same designed flow rate.