Flood Nozzle – 140° Flat Spray Tip (FT0.5)


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This spray tip replaces the TeeJet model TK, TF, TK-VP, TFW Series and Hypro DT and APM Series spray nozzles.

,Capacity per Nozzle, Gallons/Acre
psi,gpm,oz/min,5 mph,6 mph,7 mph,8 mph,5 mph,6 mph,7 mph,8 mph



• Low to Medium Drift potential
• Extremely Coarse Droplets
• Best Performance Range 15-45 psi

Range of Application:
Soil-incorporated Herbicides and Liquid Fertilizers in a drop tube configuration

• Spray pressure measured at the nozzle tip.
• The stated gallons per acre rates apply to water.
• Check your nozzle flow rates prior to each spray season.
• Make sure that all nozzles have the same designed flow rate.